Thank you : Craft Sale in Japantown on Dec 8th, 2012 / ありがとう クラフトセール in 日本町 2012年12月8日

Thank you so much for your participation at ABC Niji-no-kai’s Craft Sale at Japantown in front of Kinokuniya book store. We would like to announce that we raised $2,694 to send to Japan on that event. We will send half of the fund to Ashinaga Ikueikai for establishing “Tohoku Rainbow House”. The other half of it will be used for supporting to purchase of an outdoor tent for “Takata Child Care Center”, located in Rikuzentakata city, Iwate prefecture, Japan.

We would like to thank Kinokuniya Bookstore in Japantown for allowing us to use their space outside of their store, their tables and chairs for this event.

Also, thank you for Forest Choir and the Balloon Angels for your wonderful performance at this event.

Thank Mr. Akinari Nagata from Kasai Hair, Hoeft Family and Heery Family for your cash donation. Thank you to all who donated crafted items and those who purchased the items on sale. And we especially want to thank ABC Preschool and Pine Afterschool Families and staff who volunteered on this event.

We appreciate the understanding that people have of our goals to support the children affected by the tsunami and earthquake through this event.


Kumiko Inui,
Chair of ABC Niji- no-kai/ Director, ABC Preschool

去る12 月8 日(土)日本町紀伊国屋書前で行われました「ABC 虹の会」主催によります東北震災被災児支援のための クラフトセールでは皆様のご支援のもと、2,694 ドルの支援金を集めることができましたことを報告いたします。半額を東北レインボーハウス設立のための資金として「あしなが育英会」へさらに半額は岩手県陸前高田市立高田保育所の運動会用テント購入のための支援金として使わせていただきます。



最後になりましたが企画、準備等お手伝いいただきこのセールを成功に導いて下さいましたABC プリスクール、パイン日本語アフタースクールご家族の皆様、スタッフにこの場をお借りし、関係者一同、心より御礼申し上げます。

                                                                         「ABC虹の会」代表 /ABCプリスクールディレクター
                                                                                                乾 久美子